Executive Vice President

The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association of Alberta (RVDA) is a not-for-profit, industry trade association that endeavors to serve the collective interest of all its members and promote positive relationships with government, industry, consumers, and media; by offering leadership, education, training, funding, and advocacy. Approximately 85% of all RV dealerships across Alberta are RVDA members as well as several campgrounds and other industry partners. 

The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association works closely with industry partners to achieve its goals and objectives and support its members and the industry in Alberta. These include the Canadian Recreation  Vehicle Association (CRVA), Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC), Go RVing Canada, Southern  Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), Manufacturer Associations, Motor Vehicle Dealers Association  (MDA), and Provincial and Municipal Governments. The RVDA collaborates with the Recreation Vehicle  Dealers Association of Canada (RVDA of Can) and all provincial RVDA offices across Canada.  

The RVDA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of member representatives from across the  Province of Alberta. 

Mission Statement: RVDA of Alberta is a group of independent businesses that promote the growth,  quality, and awareness of the RV Industry and RV Lifestyle. We provide leadership, education, training, and support to our members and Industry partners to help them exceed consumer expectations. 

Vision Statement: Our vision is to enhance current services, opportunities, quality, awareness and influence future growth within the RV Industry and Lifestyle. 


The Executive Vice-President will represent the RVDA of Alberta in a professional manner through visionary leadership and by working closely with the governing Board of Directors, engaging the membership and Industry partners to identify issues and opportunities impacting the industry and their members across Alberta. 

The successful candidate will ensure the association demonstrates the value of membership by engaging and informing the members in discussion, thoroughly understanding the needs and major issues,  economic changes, and by providing services, advocacy, and influencing policies and procedures in the best interests of its members. The candidate will develop and nurture positive working relationships with the government, members, partner organizations, consumers, and the public at large. They will effectively lead the association through strong financial and communications management.


Accountability 1: Strategy & Position Development 

  • Develop and implement processes and practices through research, discussion, and decision making to ensure RVDA is current about external environmental changes that may impact RV  dealers, campgrounds, and other members in Alberta. 
  • Develop and implement processes and practices to ensure a current and accurate awareness of initiatives, events, actions, and developments that may affect RV dealers and other members in  Alberta and must be considered in relation to RVDA’s positions. 
  • Provide leadership in formulating the vision, direction, goals, and objectives of the association  and ensure they align with the expectations of the membership and the Long-Range Strategic  Plan 
  • Define and articulate clear positions on issues affecting the industry in Alberta and mobilize to positively influence policies and practices based on these positions. 
  • Create strategies to position the organization 5 – 10 years in the future by anticipating and acting on trends. 
  • Translate the strategies into specific actions and communicate for widespread understanding to all stakeholders. 

Accountability 2: Member Retention and Engagement 

  • Maintain an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the RV dealer industry in Alberta to identify potential and developing needs of members. 
  • Engage existing members in discussions and dialogue to identify positions and expectations and effectively manage these expectations based on the values of the association. 
  • Develop programs, services, and projects to directly address the expressed needs of its members. 
  • Communicate the activities, actions, and results of RVDA to ensure the membership is informed and appreciates the value of membership. 
  • Establish information and formal processes to identify member feedback and perspective quantitatively and qualitatively about the association and its value. 
  • Foster active engagement of its members by encouraging participation in various committees and programs. 

Accountability 3: Advocacy, Stakeholder Relationship Management, and Public Relations 

  • Develop and sustain effective relationships with government, industry stakeholders, partner organizations, RV dealers, campgrounds, and consumers, ensuring positive two-way sharing of information and ideas.
  • Establish rapport to enable effective persuasion and influence of government policy on issues that impact RV dealers. 
  • Meet regularly and work with RV dealers throughout Alberta to understand their needs and challenges to develop and implement strategies, programs, and services to address the issues. Advocate for RV dealers and campgrounds and other members who require our guidance and support and negotiate with industry regulators such as AMVIC and government agencies to ensure RV dealers’ and other member’s interests are heard and considered. 
  • Execute lobbying strategies and represent members before government legislature and industry regulators. 
  • Plan conferences, networking events, and meetings to facilitate stakeholder interaction. Establish multi-faceted communication strategies and channels to ensure internal and external stakeholders, including the public, are aware of the mandate of RVDA and its work. Develop effective partnerships with other relevant industry associations to assist in achieving common goals. 
  • Develop and deliver powerful and informative presentations about RVDA and its work. Promote the RVDA Education Bursaries and Gift Card/Travel Rewards Program to all RV dealers and the Campground Grant Program to all campground members throughout the province. Represent RVDA at official and/or community functions. 

Accountability 4: Board of Directors Support 

  • Advice and assist the Board of Directors in the development of policies, strategic goals and objectives, programs, services, and new initiatives in response to identified needs as well as provide current information about a changing environmental landscape. 
  • Ensure formal written documentation including reports, background information and briefing materials are prepared and presented to the Board of Directors as required to support decisions and the development of policy and direction as well as to ensure the Board is appropriately informed of progress. 
  • Implement the by-laws, policies, and strategy set by the Board. 

Accountability 5: Financial, Operational and Organizational Leadership 

  • Establish a sustainable funding model for the organization aligned with its vision and strategic goals. 
  • Implement strong budgeting, accounting, reporting, and forecasting processes. Establish processes and procedures to collect and analyze relevant data and information to inform decision-making regarding finances, policy, program, and service delivery initiatives. Assume overall accountability for operating budgets and financial reporting. Create and conduct revenue-generating events to support programming and services.
  • Monitor the performance of the organization to ensure adherence to Board direction,  established budgets, program and service goals, objectives and mandates, and performance expectations. 
  • Ensure regular reviews of performance against the goals of the association are completed and provide clear monthly, quarterly, annually, and ad hoc reports to the Board and the membership. 


  • Completion of Post-Secondary Education preferred. 
  • 5-10 years of experience managing in a member-based organization. 
  • Knowledge and experience in trade show management dealing with facility owners and service providers. 
  • Excellent negotiation skills-sales experience preferred. 
  • Effective Communicator-adapts to different communication styles and is consistently present during interactions with colleagues and stakeholders. 
  • Integrity makes principle-centered decisions and delivers on commitments. Strategic Thinker sees the big picture, thinks a few steps ahead, and understands the changing dynamics within the industry and membership. 
  • Self-Awareness-understands the strategic plan and how they can implement key deliverables to ensure the association moves forward. 
  • Visionary Leadership-establishes a shared vision and common goals while creating an environment where the organization can be successful. 
  • Experience in policy planning and government relations. 

The RVDA of Alberta is looking for an enthusiastic leader who has a track record of working effectively with industry, political and administrative leaders to influence policy and decisions. The successful candidate will lead by example overseeing the growth of membership, work within a set budget,  allocate resources accordingly, and continue to champion the RVDA of Alberta’s vision and mission.