Government Relations Manager (FILLED NOV 28th)

Under the Chief Executive Officer’s direction, the Government Relations Manager is responsible for liaising between the local municipal governments and to advocate on behalf of the residential construction industry. The Government Relations Manager works with Association staff, Board of Directors, and committee members to achieve the direction set by the Strategic Plan.

The Government Relations Manager facilitates the Association’s industry advisory committees and forums to monitor and define issues, and to research and prepare position papers, policy statements, reports, and correspondence. This position has considerable cross-over into other elements of the Association’s activities and must be proactive in member engagement.

Core Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Government and Stakeholder Relations:
    1. Ensure the Association is seen a city-building partner and presented in a professional manner in engagements with the local municipal governments (both administrative and political representatives) and stakeholder organizations.
    2. Develop strong formal and informal working relationships with local governments and stakeholder groups.
    3. Attend municipal government Council and committee meetings as required, reporting on significant outcomes to the appropriate industry advisory committee.
    4. Coordinate and support meetings with municipal elected and administrative officials.
    5. Maintain strong relationships with counterparts at the local and provincial levels of CHBA in order to remain abreast of emerging or overlapping areas of government interest.


  1. Advocacy, Policy and Communication:
    1. Undertake research and prepare materials to support and develop Industry’s advocacy positions.
    2. Support the processes needed to develop up to date and relevant industry information for members in the form of presentations, reports, position papers, group discussions, etc.
    3. Assist in advocating Industry positions to municipal governments and stakeholder groups.
    4. Develop, prepare and distribute, or supervise agendas and minutes for the industry advisory committees.
    5. Organize meetings with government and stakeholder groups to support the industry’s advocacy positions.
    6. Provide support to Association Industry Committees and Forums to establishing engagement channels with local municipal governments and stakeholder groups.



Education: Technical or professional training or other qualifications directly related to the home building or home renovation industry.

Experience: 5+ years of experience preferably at a management level.


  • Multi-task several difficult and detailed initiatives.
  • A high level of interpersonal skills.
  • Read, interpret, and draft complex policy and operational position documents.
  • Work in complex and politically charged interpersonal environments.
  • Mediate and define challenging situations involving multiple stakeholders.
  • Prepare and make public presentations.
  • Urban Planning experience is an asset.
  • Understanding of local zoning regulations and building code standards is an asset.
  • Must have excellent:
    • written and verbal communication skills.
    • research skills


Working Conditions:

  1. Physical Demands: Limited direct physical demands, requires attending long meetings and involves extended periods of sitting and concentration during complex policy and operational discussions.
  2. Work Environment:
  • Office setting involving numerous and regular visits to off-site offices of Association members and local municipal organizations.
  • Preparing and presenting public presentations often on short notice.
  • Travel and overtime will be necessary from time to time.