Our Goal Is To Be Your Trusted Advisor Throughout Every Phase of The Search

We strive to exceed client expectations by understanding and formulating a plan of action to identify top talent during the five phases:

Phase One

Relationships And Understanding

This is where we find out about your organization. We take an in-depth look at your values, mission, people, and company culture in order to customize a strategic blueprint. The more we know about your organization the better we can identify the right candidate for each opportunity.

Phase Two

Research And Analysis

Perhaps the most important phase, getting a grasp on what your needs are, is paramount in creating a mutually beneficial partnership. Investing the time to meet with the key stakeholders and decision makers allows us to understand the internal hiring process. At the end of the day we thrive if we are an extension of your team.

Phase Three

Candidate Profiling

Understanding what the needs are in the hiring process will allow us to better identify candidates based on your initiatives. Our process maximizes our exposure by utilizing our professional networks, industry experts and referrals.

Phase Four

Screening And Selection

We will recommend the very best candidates for your consideration. Candidate communication throughout this phase will allow us to represent your organization and be that extension of your team.

Phase Five

Follow-Up And Retention

It is our standard practice to keep an open communication after a successful candidate has been hired. We typically schedule calls with the hiring manager 30 days, 60 days and 120 days after each successful placement.